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Welcome to the Hewitt's Meats Recipe Blog Pages.  Click on the buttons below for recipes by product category.   You could also reach our blogs for News  or Specials at our Marshfield Retail Store below.


Hewitt's Meats Beef Recipes

Hewitt's Meats Seafood Recipes

We will post our favorite seafood recipes featuring products from our retail store in Marshfield, WI.

Parmesan Mahi Mahi.jpg__PID:7e19f058-5381-43e0-85e1-2e448401a281Parmesan Crusted Mahi Mahi back.jpg__PID:f0585381-d3e0-45e1-ae44-8401a2813cc9


Honey Garlic Shrimp.jpg__PID:742fd112-dc7f-499e-8719-9dd18026acb6


Six Minute Tuna Steaks.jpg__PID:03dbf2c9-7e19-4058-9381-d3e085e12e44


Brown Sugar Salmon.jpg__PID:21f9457a-d365-4037-812c-4aaaf629824bBrown Sugar Salmon back.jpg__PID:7ad36560-3701-4c4a-aaf6-29824b4e6b50


Honey Fried Walleye.jpg__PID:5381d3e0-85e1-4e44-8401-a2813cc9916a


Broiled Lobster Tails.jpg__PID:f2c97e19-f058-4381-93e0-85e12e448401






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