Marinated Chicken Breasts - 6 Packs

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We offer a wide variety of all natural, hand trimmed chicken breasts that range between 14oz - 16oz. in each individual vacuumed pack, including 17 different marinated flavors:

Plain Marinade (Flavorless)        Tequila Lime

Sweet Bourbon                            Greek

Buffalo Style                                Honey BB               

Jamaican Jerk                              General TSO

Fajita Style                                    Lemon Pepper

Garlic & Herb                               Beer Can Chicken

Southwestern                               Italian Parmesan

Honey Mustard                            Asian Sriracha

Mix or Match three(3) flavors from the drop-down menus on the right and you will receive 2 chicken breasts from each flavor.  The chicken breasts ship with a gel pack in a cooler.