Hewitt's Meats Case Sales

We have asked our distributors to find products that we can get great deals when buying by the case to be able to pass the savings onto our customers. Our plan is to offer a product a couple times a month with deep discounts on a full case. We will take it right off the pallet it was delivered on and hand to you, cutting out the labor and overhead costs to store and package it. We will set a date that you need to pre-order by and identify a range of pick-up dates. They cannot be shipped and will be available for pickup only at the Marshfield Retail Store.

Follow us on Facebook, request to be on our email list or check our website for notice of each sale. When one pops up below, submit the form with your name, email, phone number, case quantity and pickup date. You will see a confirmation appear in red at the top of the order form once it is received, so no need to call in to see if it is ready. Just show up on the pickup date you chose, and we'll have it ready for you!

The last case sale has ended.  Watch Facebook, emails or check back on this link to watch for the next one.   Thanks to everyone that pre-ordered!

Product Details

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • Aprox. 39 - 40 lbs. per case
  • $2.29 per lb.
  • Save $3.70 per lb. of retail store pricing - 61% Off!

Sale Timing

  • Pre-orders must be submitted              by: Feb 3rd 
  • Available Pickup Dates:
          Tuesday Feb. 7th
          Wednesday Feb. 8th
          Thursday Feb. 9th
          Friday Feb. 10th

Pre-Order Form

Once you hit submit, it will either confirm above the name fields IN RED or take you to another page for an
"I am not a robot" test, where you will have to hit submit again.  When it takes you back to this page, it is confirmed.

Required Fields

Only available at the Marshfield Retail Store and cases cannot be shipped.  There are no substitutions or partial cases.  Pay when you pick up only.  If your pre-order is not picked up by the final available pickup date, we will have to put it into stock to maintain freshness and free up storage space.  If there are issues with the distributors supply chain and product is not delivered on time, we will reach out to you.