Mad Dog & Merrill Midwest Grillin Filmed at Hewitt's Meats

Mad Dog & Merrill Midwest Grillin Filmed at Hewitt's Meats

Famed TV personalities Mad Dog and Merrill came to Hewitt's Meats to film one of their Midwest Grillin' episodes on April 15th, 2021.  It was a nice Spring day and they setup their grills and tables right in our parking lot. Freddie was there too playing his keyboard.  All of them were a fun bunch of guys!  We had a few of our customers sitting around watching and eating some of the great food they made.

Mad Dog & Merrill grilled up some of our 40 flavors of brats and cooked them further in a cast iron skillet with sauerkraut, peppers and onions.  

They also skewered some of our summer sausage and snack sticks along with some Awesome Shrimp to grill.  Awesome Shrimp and Seafood has been a great partner of ours and we offered to ship out their shrimp across the US for them.

Mad Dog grilled up some bacon wrapped hot dogs to be the base of a giant hoagie.  They covered them in baked beans and some Nasonville Dairy Cheese Curds and Verns Cheese Whips that melted in with the steaming hot beans.  It was amazing!

They did a great job focusing on our products and gift boxes that we ship.  There are also shots of our retail store and production and packaging areas.  It sounds like it was their first-time seeing brats made!!  It was such a great experience!

To watch the tv episode that was aired on June 13th, click on the link below:

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